Frequently Asked Questions

Every website comes with 30 days of complimentary support, including video tutorials for basic updates like image and text changes. We also offer ongoing support plans, providing access to our experts via email, Slack, or Zoom.
We cater to both preferences to meet our clients’ needs. For instance, some clients prefer custom WordPress websites, while others opt for premium Shopify themes for time and cost efficiency.
We specialize in custom developments, WordPress/WooCommerce sites, and Shopify/Shopify Plus stores.
Yes, we develop brand manuals that include logos, color palettes, fonts, and mood boards.
You’re free to change developers at any time. We can create your website on your own hosting or Shopify account, allowing you to revoke our access whenever you choose.
All our projects are built in-house by our team of over 40 full-time seasoned professionals.
Pricing varies based on your specific requirements. You can view the starting prices for common projects here: [View Pricing].
No, you’ll have full ownership of your account, and you can grant us access as needed for creation, edits, or support.
Absolutely, we ensure your website is optimized for SEO and offer ongoing support to enhance your Google ranking.
With experience overseeing 1 billion dollars in sales and consulting for top agencies nationwide, we understand effective design that delivers results. Our combination of world-class design and impeccable technical execution offers the best value for those aiming to compete at the highest level, all at the most competitive price.
We need to understand your unique goals and challenges before sending you a proposal. Imagine a Doctor prescribing medicine without first running a diagnostic?
CRO is a process we use to increase the percentage of visitors to your eCommerce store who take action, like making a purchase, thereby boosting your sales.
Our team conducts a thorough audit of your website experience, examining over 300 points known to enhance eCommerce performance, including a detailed review of your Google Analytics 4 data and user experience.
The audit, priced at $1250, involves a 5-hour expert review of both GA4 and your website’s user experience. This fee can be credited towards any subsequent website improvements you choose to implement based on the auditor’s findings.
For stores with under 50,000 monthly visits, we recommend conducting the audit and implementing best practices identified to improve your conversion rates.
For higher-traffic sites, we suggest the audit, best practice implementation, and ongoing A/B testing to further refine and enhance your store’s performance based on statistically significant data.
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